Friday, February 27, 2009

Denver Pictures

Pictures from my trip to Denver.


Well, yes I survived my trip and I really should have posted sooner, but it has been a busy week. Tuesday morning I needed to certify my unemployment status as well as bills. Then came the task of adding up everyone's cookies sales for Meghan's troop and committing those on the computer. The troop sold 1137 boxes this year which is up from the 1008 last year. Meghan - my good little cookie girl - sold a total of 575 boxes! That is more than the other 6 girls combined. We pushed hard though. Here is a list of her prizes:
* Online goal patch
* Theme patch
* Carabiner water holder
* Koozie Lunch Cooler
* Goal getter patch
* Plush stuffed pony
* Sports bottle
* Going Places hat
* Going places bracelet
* 350 Club patch and pizza party
* backpack
* Mystery trip - day trip somewhere, don't know where
* Super seller patch
* Calculator
* Travel Journal
* Duffle bag
Plus she get 15 cents per box of cookies rounded to the nearest dollar in Dakota Certificates where she can spend those at the GS shop or on events. She chooses to blow them at the GS shop because they sell Webkinz! Anyway so a total of $86! Believe me, she is thrilled!

I also had to help Ryan put together his journal for KinderKamp. On Friday when we picked him up from preschool, he came running out to tell me he got to take Ted E. Bear home. Ted E. visits all the preschool children during the year on the weekends and then they put pictures and write in the journal. He was thrilled! But we had to take me right to the airport, so when I got home I had to help get his pictures in and write in his journal. He slept with Ted E. and was glad to have him. I was glad he had him too cause he really missed me and woke up crying on Monday cause I wasn't home yet. AHHH!

Tues night I had dinner with a classmate of mine from High School. That was fun too.

Weds night I realized for the first time that hey, I didn't have to go to work. That sucked. *sigh*

Yesterday I worked on the laundry and getting our new furniture arranged. Not new, new, but new to us. We bought two tables and two chairs from the country club. Worked out nice. And cheap!

So my trip. It was great! I survived the plane rides and landed not too late in Denver. Brought the snow from Fargo with me though. Oh well. Dani and I went to dinner at a place called Mimi's and it was really great. Then back to her place, some chatting and bed.

Saturday we drove up to Estes Park, after a Starbucks stop first and walked around downtown checking out the little shops. They were really fun to go into. Then we went up to the Stanley Hotel for the Haunted tour. And we did see some ghostly activity. The Stanley was Stephen King's inspiration for the Shining! The place was way cool. After that we drove to Boulder for dinner with her husband at Pasta J's. really small place, but very good food!

Sunday we went out to Red Rocks and saw the Amphitheatre. There were some crazy people out there working out, They were apart of Red Rocks Fitness. Nuts. Then we went downtown for more shopping and sightseeing. For dinner we met my friend Jim for dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. Jim and I went to high school together. It was a great visit.

Monday, more shopping and for the record I made it home with everything I bought minus a canvas bag that I got for $3, and sweater vest and 3 build a bear outfits for the kids. Dani is coming to visit in March and promised she would bring it for me. Considering I bought a huge sweatshirt blanket while there and got that home, I did pretty well!

I will post a link to all my pictures tonight. Too many to post here and crop. But I took a ton!

It is good to be back, but as I sit here with my new blanket around me, I am missing the 60 degree weather I experienced in Denver last weekend. HAHA!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aaron's Birthday!

Aaron's TWO! Well as of Friday! Who would have thought he would make it this far. Not me! HAHA! He is a unique little boy for sure.

Six months ago we thought he would never talk and now he has all sorts of words. He is smart and a great helper even when we don't want him to help. His latest is helping me with the laundry. He gets to put in the dryer sheet and then start the dryer for me. Nothing pleases him more. He says truck, ball, thank you, dad, mommi, mine, and a whole bunch more I can't remember. He loves to play in the sink, stand on everything, watch you leave and get into his sister's room.

His favorite thing to watch is Baby Einstein and he gets mad if you turn it off when he leaves the room. He still needs his mommy time on occassion, but that is OK with me. Aaron is also sleeping better through the night and no longer needs to be drugged. Yeah!

Today we had his party and our friend Tanie joined us for tacos and cake. Aaron loves tacos and he loved his cake more as you can see by the pictures. As for presents, he opened the first one and wanted to play with it now. Didn't want to open the rest. We coaxed him into a few more, but really just wanted to play than open.

And smiles he was not. He loves to furrow his brow at you and does it quite frequently. It's just him though. It makes him special! :)






Blowing his candles out!

Yum! Cake!




Chilling with his presents

Don't touch my stuff!


And as I write this entry he is sitting on top of the piano taking his diaper off and playing with his penis. "cool" he says! That's our boy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Many, Many Pancakes!

This morning Chris and I took the kids to the Annual Pancake Karnival hosted by the Kiwanis Lub here in Fargo. It was the 51st Annual and this year was being held at the FargoDome. Last year the Kiwanis club set the world record for most pancake served in an 8 hour period and this year want to break that record. Here's the article from last year. Every year we plan to go, but Chris is usually at PRACS and the task of taking the kids myself seem too daunting, but this year Chris was home so we grabbed the $20 it would cost and off we went.

We got to the Dome and got in the first line we saw. It was moving pretty quickly so we thought we were good. Then we found out we had to get in another line to get tickets, so I went to get tickets and Chris and the kids stayed in line. I got into the very short ticket line and was there for 30 seconds when an older gentleman came up and asked how many tickets I needed. I told him 2 adults and 4 kids and he hands me three adult tickets and says, "Here I have these three. Take them." I thanked him and he quickly disappeared! Thanks to that random act of kindness it only cost us $7.50 for all of us to eat! So I found Chris right before we took the escalator down to the main floor of the dome. It took us about 45 minutes total to get our pancakes and sit down to eat. They kept flashing the number of pancakes served up on the big screen. It was really cool. We ate and then let the kids play on the Games Galore games for a while before taking Ryan to soccer. I got home with Aaron and the girls and Chris called to tell me they canceled soccer because the fire alarms were going off. So back up north I went to get them. Oh well.

I have work tonight and the kids have DI tomorrow and then we will celebrate Aaron's 2nd birthday! I will post more pictures tomorrow.
Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day and if you get the chance come up next year for the big pancake karnival!!!

Cranky boy waiting in line!


Look at those big griddles!





Cranky pants has sticky fingers

Smiley boy!

Waiting to get on the games!


All six of us!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look what I did!

So I bought this saying a few months ago and haven't had the time or the nerve to put it up in the boys' room. Well today I finally did it. I was a little nervous cause it was so big, but I think it turned out awesome! Hope you can see it.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Make-up!

Happy Monday!
The weather here is rainy and it's supposed to freeze later one. Oh joy!!!

This weekend-
* I took Aaron to get his pictures taken in Crookston. He didn't smile till the last 2 minutes and that was because I tripped trying to get him to smile. Then he roared his head off!

* Ryan can count to 100! What a little bugger!

* Meghan sold 294 boxes of Girl Scout cookies on her first 3 days selling. We have Chris's office, a sheet at Noridan, a sheet at Town and Country and many more orders to come in yet. Her goal is 400 boxes, she may hit 500! She sells till the 22nd!

* Katie had her dance performance this weekend and did very well.

* Chris and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. We decided against a movie since there was nothing we wanted to see and took the kids out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner where we found out that on Sunday, Kids meals are 99 cents! Score! We will be going there more often.

* While at BWW a family of 4 sat near us, a glass broke and beer spilled everywhere. We gave them out napkins and the mom too the boy to the bathroom. Dad and the 1+ year girl were left alone. The girls started screaming and bawling, dad looked stressed, so Ryan decided to sing her a funny little song. She stopped crying immediately and just watched him. He sang on and on. Dad put her in her chair and she started crying again, so Ryan went over and started playing peek a boo and telling her all about the buffalo that was on the back of the chair. He is such a good boy and entertainer. Likes to keep his ladies happy!

* Aaron too was a ham last night. Dancing in the booth and playing "Head Shoulders, Knees and toes". He was a riot.

* It was a good night!

* I found some 20 something year olds that are involved in theatre to come over and teach my DI kids about Improv. They are coming next Sunday and hopefully the first Sunday in March. I hope this works. I am very nervous for them.

* We got our van, for around $5000 with a 2 yr warranty and an Astrostart. The dealership is coming next Monday to get the van and put the Astrostart in it for us. Ryan is totally confused as to whose van it is. It will be mine when everything gets taken care of.

*I have 8 shifts left before unemployment! Yeah! Got lots of painting to do when I am off.

* Chris and I are trying to decide on flood insurance. It isn't required now, would be $388 a yr, major flood predicted this year, and a 30 day waiting period. SO now it the time to decide. If it does become mandatory then the cost could quadruple, but if you already have it, then the cost wouldn't be as bad. Decisions, Decisions. In 97 our cul de sac didn't flood, but things change, and who knows. HMMMM! What to do.

Well that's about it for now. Valentine's Day and Aaron's birthday on deck for the week. Can't believe he will be 2! Yikes!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new boy!

AS usual Aaron wasn't too thrilled about getting his hair cut until he found out he got to sit and watch Elmo while it was being cut. He did a very good job. His hair is so fine and poker straight it is hard to get a good cut on him. This one is doable though. Look at my handsome guy!







So far so good! Still standing I am. Everyone else is better and we are on track for the week.

Chris is negotiating getting a new van for us and that should happen in the next couple of days. It is a 2000 Town and Country. No bells or whistles, but will get us from point A to point B. We are getting an Astrostart put in it and the mechanic says it's a good vehicle for us. Yeah! Plus we are getting $1500 for Chris's car. Can you believe it! HAHA!

Aaron gets a big boy haircut today. Since Stacy is on maternity leave we are taking him to Whippers Snippers. They specialize in little kids haircuts. I will post pictures later.

And 16 more days till I leave for Denver. I am so pumped. Good too cause there has been so much drama at the club lately. It is so time for everyone to go on vacation. I swear it's like high school. Whatever. I'm over it.

Well off for the day. Cheers!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Make that 5 down now! I'm the only one left standing! HAHAHA!

Make-up Monday!

So, I have been AWOL for the last week. Sorry about that. Crazy crazy all the time.

Mr. Collins funeral was a tough one for me. I have only ever been to three funerals and seeing him in the casket, was extremely hard. It was a beautiful service and there were lots of tears but I know he is in a better place so that is good.

I started working on my fleece tie blankets this week and got 3 done along with pillows. This is my new birthday gift idea for all the parties the kids go to. Of course it is using up all the fleece I bought on Black Friday, but at least I got it cheap.

Aaron went to kids kingdom on Weds and did really well. No clinging or anything. I am very proud of him. He goes back today for a couple of hours.

Friday though he threw up. He didn't really seem sick but then there it was. He took a big nap in the afternoon and was fine. We chalked it up to a fluke until Meghan three up around 3 yesterday and then Katie at 5. For those that know me... I don't do puking and the girls were sequestered to their rooms and are staying home today from school. However this morning I have found Chris in the basement not feeling well. UGH! So four down, two to go and I am praying I miss this whole thing. It does seem short lived so...well I don't want to think about that any more. We usually escape the stomach flu either to our luck or my extreme advoidance. I am hugely phobic when it comes to puking.

And our friend Shawn failed to make it to US Olympics trials this year in curling. They had a tough weekend. Some of you might remember Shawn and his team from Bemidji. They took the bronze medal in curling at the last Olympics. I am bummed as I was planning on being in Denver the first weekend of trials and was planning on going to see him play. Oh well, guess I have more sight seeing time on my hands now.

And yes...I am going to Denver. 18 days and counting. My original plan was to see the trials and I was waiting to make arrangements till I found out if Shawn was going to be there, but I said screw it I was going regardless. So off I fly on Feb 20th for 3 days. I am staying with a friend from college and I am pretty excited to get away from the kids and Chris for a bit. Besides it's a great way to kick off my unemployment. Cheers to me! And prayers to Chris that he will be still alive when I get home. HAHA!

But I hear kids stirring upstairs so I should go see how they feel. UGH!!!! Stay away puking bug, stay away from me!