Monday, October 29, 2007

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Aaron in his penguin costume. Will post the other kids later.

Smart Boy and more!

So we were having dinner yesterday and talking about the hospital for some reason and Ryan starts saying " mommy you were in hospital." I said yes, and can you remember why I was in the hospital? "You had baby Aaron." I though smart boy. Then he says " Yeah and you gave me a block puzzle." Which I did. I was amazed he remembered all of that. Chris said even he couldn't remembe what I had given him at the hospital, but somehow Ryan did.

We have been trying to pottytrain Ryan and he hasn't wanted to play along, so we dropped it and have been asking him here and there. If he says no, that is ok but we mention it to keep it in his mind. Last Sat at the pumpkin patch he told me that when he is a big boy, he will pee in the potty. I said, when you are 3 you will be a big boy. Yes, he said, when he is 3 he will pee in the potty. So we have been going with that. SO this Sat he decided to sit on the potty. Did for 3 minutes and went about his business. Yesterday he sat for Chris before bed. This morning I went to change him and he hadn't peed so I said, lets sit for 5 minutes. I left him to go upstairs to get his clothes and by the time I reached his room he called out that he had peed. So we are taking it one step at a time but I find this encouraging.

SO this is Halloween week. The costumes are done, except my hood and buttons and holes on my gangster costume. I plan on doing that today and getting it all cleaned up. Meghan is having her slumber party for her birthday on Friday night, so there is a lot to do for that. This time of year always seems to kill me with Halloween, three days later Meghan's birthday and 8 days after that Ryan's birthday. And I actually think 4 kids is kicking my ass. I am so tired all the time and never seem to get what I want accomplished. UGH!

I found out this morning that a good friend of mine lost the twin girls she was carrying. They had twin to twin transfusion and she was supposed to go the RI for a treatment and the twins passed on Sat. I can't imagine the pain she is going through and I don't know where she got the strength to deliver those babies. I always told Chris if we ever lost one in utero, I wouldn't be able to deliver it. I thank God for all my healthy kids, even if they drive me insane sometimes. I pray she and her husband will find the strength to try again. She is great with kids and I so would love to see her have her own. God Bless her and her family.

Well that is all for today. Aaron is already down for his morning nap as he woke up early. He has finally at 8 months learned to roll onto his stomach and has been sleeping that way, but the pressure from his helmet bothers him I think and he wakes up screaming. Anyway I best be going.

Pray for my friend... Jen

Friday, October 26, 2007

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Aaron's all set for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aaron's moving on!

So yesterday I put Aaron in his new toy which allows him to stand in the middle of a ring. I placed him looking out the window away from me. I looked up at him from the computer 2 minutes later and he was facing me. OMG! He has learned to move along furniture. AH! I am not ready for that!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sewing update!

As of today at 2:40 PM I have completely finished Chris's costume, Ryan's, and Meghan's. Aaron's hood is done, but not the body, Katie's body is done, but not the hood. My work costume is done, except for the button holes and buttons. So all that is left is a leopard costume for Katie for dance and school, Katie's penguin hood and Aaron's penguin body. I'm getting there. UGH! Only seven more days to Halloween.

Another day...

So yesterday we started having our roof replaced. The boys and I ran out for Aaron's appt and by the time we got back there was a big crane in our driveway delivering shingles. Ryan says "Mommy, they're breaking our house!" I thought it was so cute. I told the owners and they laughed. Our roofers are really nice and the dad of the company came to our door last night and said, "Yeah I like what you did with my sign." The girls while decorating for Halloween put a huge spider on the front. He had come by and saw it and took a picture of it. Showed it to me on his cell phone.

Off to feed Aaron and sew more costumes. By the time I am done I will have sewn 8 costumes. Yes, I know, insane.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Catch up on the Andreachi Family

So I started this in June and as you can see I didn't get very far. So I need to play a little catch up. This summer was a chaotic on and this moved fast.

In June Aaron was diagnosed with Torticollis and went to Physical Therapy for 5 sessions to help resolve that. Torticollis means wry neck and he would only look off to his right rather than turn his head left. All of his experiences can be found on his website
When we finished the PT we decided that his plagiocephaly had not resolved itself regardless of repositioning etc and he was sent to Dr Klava for and evaluation. Dr Klava decided he should get a cranio cap to reshape his head and that started a whole new ordeal. Again info can be found on his website.
Aaron is doing really well with the helmet therapy and he has had it for 3 weeks and doesn't seem to mind it much.

Ryan has grown a lot this summer in more ways the one. He speaks so clearly and is very intelligent in his words. Loves to play with his sisters and have them help him. And he understands them so much. He is a very active boy and we call him Buckshot cause he is every where. He loves Dora and watches it endlessly if you let him. He also enjoys playing with his little brother. I can't wait to see them both running around next summer. He continues to give his mother heart attacks and I swear he will be the death of me. The latest was hanging onto the railing of an escalator and it started pulling him up. He couldn't hold on of course but he was close to being wedged between the escalator and the railing on the 2nd floor of the Mall of America. Chris assures me he would have never gotten between there and fallen or had been able to hang on and go over the railing, but I deathly afraid of heights and always worry one of my kids will plummet to their deaths.

The girls are doing well too. They both did swim lessons. Katie passed and Meghan was really close. Meghan had art classes this summer and Katie did a performing arts program. The both went to Grandma's house this summer on both sides of the family and loved that. I think both sets of grandparents were tired when they left.

School started in Aug and Meghan and Katie are doing well in 3rd and 2nd grade. They like their teachers and I like that they are busy.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in Aug on Aaron's half birthday. That has been a struggle for us all. Us because we can't be there and her cause it was not what she expected to be doing this fall. Her diagnosis is good. They did a lumpectomy in Aug and she finished her radiation in Sept. She is doing 4 rounds of chemo as a preventative measure and then hopefully we will be clear of cancer. We were fortunate it was caught early and that it hadn't gone in her lymph nodes.

Katie was also in a near death accident this fall while crossing in front of the school bus. A car decided they didn't want to wait for the bus and decided to pass. Katie didn't see the car, the driver started honking and thankfully Meghan and Katie stopped crossing. And then the car proceeded on it's merry way. I wrote a letter to the editor of the Forum thanking the driver for being so considerate. OK that was a little bit of sarcasm there. She is fine and thankfully the driver did his job and protected my kids.

In Sept we had a hail storm that left golf ball sized holes in our yard and everywhere else. So as I type this our roof is being replaced. We are thankful to Mother Nature since we were going to have to have it replaced in a few years anyway. Cross that off our list. Yeah!

So that is a little catch up. I am going to try harder to update at least once a week. HA!
Don't forget to check out Aaron's website.