Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Big Boy!

I took Ryan to get his hair cut today. Seems like every other week I am doing that, so I wanted it cut short. Well here's what I got...


What a handsome boy I have. And so grown up too.
And adding to the Ryanisms as is our life, Chris was taking the kids to church last night and Fergalicious was on the radio. So Chris starts saying "Meghanlicious and Katielicious." and a couple seconds later Ryan pipes up "Ryanlicious!"

He also recognizes songs now and will say, "OH that's my favorite song!" What a riot!

Monday, January 28, 2008

February is over before it starts.

It's really sad. I just looked at my calendar for February and there is not one day on it that we don't have something to do. Seriously, every day has something on it for one of the kids, work for me, something for Chris, it's insane. And the month isn't even here yet. And it won't stay long either I suppose.

We are finding it harder every week to find family time. It is important to us to take at least one night as week to have a meal as a family or to watch a movie with the kids. Run, run, run is all we do it seems. We all need to breathe...

So my wish to you is that you remember to take time for your family and to just breathe them all in. As I will attest to in a couple of weeks when Aaron turns one they don't stay small for long.

Love your family and yourself.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where oh where is my desk?

And further more my dining room table? And somewhere in my laundry room is my washer and dryer? Yikes, I have a lot of things to find. But I don't think I am the only one in this house hiding and burying things from me.

Every week I try to start with a clean desk and somehow by Monday afternoon I can't see the bottom of it. So Weds I clean it again, Friday gone!

Same goes for my dining room table. I don't think I have seen the top of it since Christmas time. All those projects I keep meaning to start or finish or whatever seems to get dropped there and I am starting to find Chris's projects there too. And don't even get me started on that laundry room.

Sigh, what am I to do?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aaron's new look!

Here's a couple of pictures from last night. Aaron walking and this new goofy face he has adopted. Don't know where he got that one from.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Official!!!

Well it's official! We have a walker! Aaron is walking all over the place as of tonight. It's like it just clicked and he figured it out. He has been taking a step here or there for the last 3 weeks or so, but usually chickens out. Now he is toddling all over the place. Now to get the video camera out and ready to go. We are awful about doing that!

In other news, Ryan's surgery got moved up from March 31 to the 3rd. He went to the hospital with me last night and got to tour the place and find out what was going to happen. He got his very own Buffy stuffed animal and medical stuff to play with. Meghan went through the same program when she was 3 and having surgery on her thumb. She got a Buffy dog too. Which of course promped Katie to ask,"Why don't I have a Buffy?" Um, you never had surgery honey! :) Cute kids~!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bowling Fun!

Yesterday I had my Christmas party for the Club. Due to some grumbling about having the usual DJ and games they decided to change things up and have it at a bowling alley. I cannot even remember the last time I went bowling. I think it is kind of fun actually and Chris and I used to bowl while we were living in TX. In fact Chris has his own bowling ball.

Well the first game I was doing fairly well and took second on out team by three points. I bowled a big fat 128. I was happy since it has been years since I bowled. But the second game is where I took the cake. I bowled a 174!!! I was thrilled. My competitor from the previous game bowled a 123. So cool I still have it!

Can't wait till the boys are a bit older so we can all start bowling as a family.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gimme Cake!!

Chris turned 36 yesterday and we had our dinner for him tonight complete with cake of course. Well there is no worry that Aaron will completely obliterate his cake on his birthday. We gave him piece and he at the whole thing and bawled when he realized there was no more for him. I am thrilled because we are taking professional pictures of him on the 12th smashing his own birthday cake. Can't wait to get those pictures!



I want more cake!!!!!!!!!!

Here's also a picture of the birthday boy. He had only one candle left burning for his true love me! :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Computer Boy!


Still working on recovering.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Funny Little Trick

So admist the sickness in the house Chris likes to keep the little tricks a going. Katie was sitting on the floor last night so he sneaks up behind her and puts a couple of drops on her head. She's looking around and feeling her head and has no clue what is going on. So he does it again and she figures it out.

Well not to be outdone, she sneaks up on him later and tries to do the same thing, only to dump half the bottle of water on his head. He yells out and she gets all upset and runs and hides. He finally catches her to tell her it was funny, but she's upset.

Chris tells me what he did so this morning as I am combing her hair I say to her "Hey I hear you pulled a trick on daddy last night" and she breaks out bawling. Poor sensitive little girl. I don't get it. She got in the van to go to piano lessons yesterday and I asked her how her day at school was. She starts getting all sad and what not. I asked her if she got hurt, her feelings hurt, got in trouble. No to them all. Then she says that she was putting her chair on her desk at the end of the day and it fell. Then she starts bawling. I'm laughing of course and I ask her why she is crying. "It scared me" she says. Oh goodness! Unfortunately that only made me laugh harder. Poor kid.

Aaron taking a hit off his bong! :)


Aaron with his new friend the nebulizer penguin.


Aaron is sleeping a lot these days. He is constantly laying his head on my chest and just wants to be held. That is fine. I just want him better. He is sitting well for his nebulizer treatments and we are thankfully done with the antibiotics so hopefully his butt will get better now.

Ryan is still coughing and boy did I get a surprise this morning when he came down mummbling about something in his bed. He must of coughed hard and gagged himself last night cause he had thrown up again all over his bed and pj's. I have no idea when as it was dry, but YUCK!. Thankfully our neighbor was able to take the girls to school for me and Chris came home to clean things up. Lucky me got to go to the dentist for a filling. Was just a great morning huh?
But Ryan is eatting better this morning and is on his third piece of toast. I am sure it is not the stomach flu, just another cough jag. Hope we are done with that.

Anyway we will continue on.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well, I took Aaron into the doctor today because he has ben having some episodes of rapid breathing and really hard coughing and he was diagnosed with RSV - Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Yeah huh?

His doctor gave him a nebulizer treatment and it brought his oxygen saturation levels up from 92% to 100% so she prescribed more treatments for him to do at home. He will have 3-4 a day for 3 days, go down to 2 a day for 3-4 days and then down to 1 a day for 3-4 days.

I feel so bad for my little boy. Chris and I went ahead and bought the $180 nebulizer because renting it was $40 a month and this way we know it is new and clean ours. Insurance won't cover it unless it is for asthma but we figure we will probably be using it again somewhere down the road. I think Aaron may have a life long issue with respiratory problems and of course I will probable try to get BCBS to pay for it. On the plus side though, it looks like a penguin!

He also got some burn cream for his raw bottom and Ryan coughed so hard last night he threw up all over the blanket he had on him. Thankfully the blanket caught it all and was easily rinsed and thrown in the wash. Yuck says I though!

So to date we have spent over $210 in co-pays and prescriptions this year already plus the $180 nebulizer. Sweet! BCBS must just love us!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Sickness continues

So we are on day 6 of antibiotics and eye drops. Aaron is so good with his drops, just lays there now and takes them. Ryan on the other hand thrashes around and screams his head off. He keeps telling us, no drops, no eye drops. But finally he is looking better and starting to act like his usual self. Aaron on the other hand had a rough 24 hours or so but after 3 big naps yesterday he is looking better too, although his cough still sounds bad. Saturday night and Sunday morning he had two bad episodes of rapid breathing and wheezing but has seemed to work his way through that. We had to switch his antibiotic on Friday because the Amoxicil was giving such bad diarrhea that his little butt got raw and bleeding. So he is on Azithromyacin and we are still dealing with the raw bottom, but it is a shorter course and he finishes his medicine up tomorrow instead of Friday.

Meghan seems to be completely mended but now Katie is coughing. Chris is fine, and I have a sore throat. Doesn't seem to end does it?

On a more positive note we got Aaron to walk 3 steps, twice, by himself last night. Still a bit of a chicken, but getting there. Yeah!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My poor little boys!

Well after sitting in the doctor's office yesterday for 2 hours I found out that both my little boys have ear infections and pink eye. Ryan's one eye is blood shot red and this is just kicking his butt. He has passed out after supper the last 3 nights. Hope he feels a bit better tomorrow as we are touring a preschool in the morning for him to go to next fall.

And we have to literally sit on both boys to get the eye drops in their eyes. That is always a treat!

Thankfully the girls are back in school. Yeah!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



2008 IS HERE! Yeah, and surprisingly we are not starting it out medically any better than we started out 2007. Ha! Meghan has bronchitis but has been on meds for 3 days now, so off to school she goes tomorrow. Katie is still healthy, shocker there. Ryan was passed out on the couch at 5:30 tonight. We think he has some sort of infection in his eye and is getting a cough and cold. Aaron has some matting in his eyes, but seems to be OK.

For good news though, Aaron called me Mama on Sunday. What a good boy! And we caught him standing without support today too. Oops!

But we are positive that 2008 will be a better year. It just might be a slow starter! :)