Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anyone dying to see Halloween costumes????? Only 3 days away! hahahahahahaha!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"and they all come tumbling down!" Boom Boom Boom!

I don't know why I picked this title. Just reminded me of an old camp song we used to sing in 4-H and the fact that everything just keeps building up, and then tumbling down in our lives lately.

Halloween is right around the corner and of course I am still scrambling to get the costumes done. Ryan had to sacrifice his cow costume and go as a chef as I really don't see myself getting to the dang cow. Maybe after Halloween. But the chef costume is pretty cute and maybe Aaron will be a cow next year.

Here's what IS done:
My skeleton costume - a different twist on the typical
Meghan's Hippie costume
Ryan's chef costume
Aaron's Elvis costume - this took forever due to all the detailing that needed to be done. But it is stinking cute!
Katie's owl body - I was working on the headpiece today but the neighbor must be cutting down bushes or something cause I can hear a weed whacker thing going and it was driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!
Chris's breast piece for his werewolf costume.

I know I am pretty close, but DI starts this week and I am not ready for that meeting, My friend Kyle is moving to the cities and his going away party is Sunday. We are a doing a yearbook scrapbook thing and the pictures I ordered are not here yet and now I have to do the whole things myself, so starting to freak out about that too.

Meghan and Ryan's birthdays are right after Halloween too and do you think their fleece blankets are made yet?????? I guess not!

But I do truly love this time of year. It has to be my favorite for sure. Anyway... time to fly!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tidbits and more...

This last weekend was Homecoming at NDSU and the Gold Star Band Reunion. Chris and I had a total of 16 people staying at the house and it was great. Although 10 kids and 6 adults aren't great odds, we all had a blast and there was no bloodshed.

Friday night I met upn with my sorority sisters and some I met for the first time even though I have been chatting with them on Facebook for months. April and I met for the first time last month and eerily so... we are exactly alike. Watch out. Dani, whom I visited in Denver in Feb made a surprise visit as her dad has been in the ICU in Grand Forks for the last week. Although her trip to ND wasn't exactly a pleasant one we were happy she could take a break and come and see us.

Saturday was band reunion day! It has been quite a few years since there has been so many from out years in the band attending Homecoming so I was completely thrilled to see so many old friends. Our honored Band Alum was Kurt Witt who I shared piano duties with my first year in Jazz band when I came to NDSU. Our guest conductor Todd Stewart was one of our drum majors in college and he was thrilled to have such a huge band under his direction, although slightly bummed about the beer not being sold at the Dome. He swears I told him he could get beer at the Dome...only reason he took the gig. HAHAHA!

We had the Beach's stay with us as they do every year but this year we had my old percussion buddy Ryan and his wife Chureen and their 4 kids stay with us as well. The kids immediately blended together and what a blast they had.

The Bison however did not have such a great day as for a bullshit call which has now left us 1 in 4 this season. :(

The alumni assoc hosted a taco feed for the band but at $20 a head we opted out and had pizza at our house. Todd joined us as well and many stories, drinks and laughs were had. We hope he brings his kids next year. He was amazed that we just walked down to the field with the 10 kids in tow and no one questioned us. That might have part to do with the fact that I tend to ignore all authority and act as I own the place. Jane laughed when I walked right by the guy checking purses at the entrance of the dome. I figure pay no attention and they leave you alone. LOL Which means my 3 bottle of water in my purse were not confiscated!

Chris and I bought a Family pak of game tickets this year as did our friends the Rustad's. They too have 4 kids and we have been sitting next to them at the games - we have general admission tickets of course. Well for two of the games this year we have assigned seats - what are the odds that both our families have tickets right in a row???? Apparently pretty good odds as we found ourselves in section 26 row T seats 11-14, the Rustads, same section , row and seats 7-10.

I also got to see my old band director Orv this weekend and we got a great shot of the two of us together. Chris and I also took quite a lot of shots this weekend in terms of how large our family has gotten. Considering that our friends the Tibors whom were also in the band just had child number 8, I think they can cut us some slack. Although we are the ones that always show up.

The marching band is up to 186 members and we love the new director. He is just great!

So that was our weekend. Halloween is just around the corner and costumes are going well. The kids are loving school and Aaron is still an evil spawn. Today he threw a pot lid and hit Ryan in the head with it because Ryan was trying to steal his Barbie. I would let them pound each other to get it out of their systems, but I am afraid Ryan would lose. *sigh*