Sunday, July 19, 2009

What we've done this summer!

Since school let out on June 3rd, we have done the following:

* Ryan played three soccer games to finish up his season. He missed one game and one practice due to rain
* The girls and Ryan have been going to playground center 4 times a week. Ryan goes in the morning, the girls go in the afternoon each for 2 1/2 hours. Great sanity saver for mom as it only cost her $89 for 9 weeks for the 3 of them
* We had our final DI party of the year. The new year will begin before we know it
* Meghan enjoyed a day at the spa getting her nails and hair done at Josef's salon and being driving around town in a limo. This was one of her rewards for selling over 500 boxes of cookies this past year
* Meghan also enjoyed a pizza party with other Girl Scouts. This was the reward for selling over 350 boxes of cookies
* We had our garage sale which netted over $1300. It is a recession you know.
* The three older kids spent 4 weeks in swimming lessons. All passed their classes, Ryan passed two levels.
* Katie got her last Hep A booster shot... her pysch out was way worse than the shot
* We ended up donating over 90 boxes of garage sale items from our sale and the remanents from the DI garage sale in May. The majority being from the DI sale.
* Chris took the older three to the first movie in the park at Island Park in June. They saw Kung Fu Panda
* We have enjoyed two Sundays watching our minor league baseball team the FM Redhawks play at Newman Outdoor Field. Thank you Mike for the free tickets. We hope we get to enjoy another game before the season is through.
* We took family pictures with my parents at the Fargo Country Club. Now to decide what to order.
* The river crested at 27.5 ft in June... the very day the FCC was going to reopen the last remaining holes making us an 18 hole golf course again. We are still waiting for all 18 holes.
* I edited and put out another GSAB newsletter. I am praying to have the strength to say "no" next year.
* Katie attended JFK dance camp again this summer. She really enjoyed it and can't wait to go next year again
* We took the girls to Camp Cormorant again on July 12 for 5 days. Meghan did the ropes course this year and Katie did the adventure camp. They had a cold week and probably both froze, but neither thought to buy another sweatshirt in the camp store.
* I went to the Turf and met my friends Dani and Troy when they landed in Fargo. We used to go to the Turf all the time in college. Good times.
* I went to a gathering of my friends from work celebrating the graduation of our friend Kayleigh who is a cocktail server at the club. For the second year in a row... we got busted by the cops. Jerks. They even stopped me saying I hit the car behind me when I backed up. I never did, they were just checking to see if I was drunk. Give me a break.
* Ryan went to Busy Beaver camp the same week the girls were at camp. He went from 9-12 everyday. He had a blast. Ryan will be going again for a week in Aug.
* I got to go to the street fair on Thurs and Fri while Ryan was at camp. That was fun
* Saturday we took the girls to see Harry Potter 6 at the Ultrascreen. What a great movie. LOVED IT! and we all want to go again.

Well... that should catch you up on our summer so far. Run Run Run is all we do, but we love it that way! So what if the weeds aren't pulled, the lawn not mowed or the house clean. It's SUMMER!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A bunch of swimmers!

The kids have been taking swimming lessons for the last 4 weeks. Ryan was in Beginners for the first two and passed that level and moved on to level 1 for the last two weeks. Well today he came home and he had passed level one and can move on to level two next summer once he gets a little taller. Guess all that swimming at the Y this past school year helped him out.

Meghan was in level 5 and passed to level 6. Katie was in level 3 and passed to level 4! Wahoo! Way to go Andreachi kids! And next summer Aaron can start swimming lessons. Yeah!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flood Protection!

Yesterday Fargo voted for a .5% slaes tax increase to pay for permanent flood protection. The votes came in and it was approved by 90.7% to 9.3%. WOW! Do you think Fargo wants some permanent protection??? I would say so!