Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Closing out the year of 2008

WOW! It's the 30th already and I have no idea where this year went. And there is so much yet to do. I need to ask the kids what their favorites things are, make my New Year's resolutions and figure out when I am going to get through all those pictures I've taken over the last three months. *sigh*

This past weekend we had Christmas with our families and it was a lot of fun. Weather always seems to play a factor this time of year and we were thankful everyone made it safe and sound. Saturday afternoon we had our lasagna dinner and then opened presents. Chris's parents got Chris and his brother Ben a special present for them to open together. Turns out it was their high school letterman jackets. What a stitch they both modeled them for us and Ben was able to pop his snaps open with his chest. Man did we roar laughing.

I worked that night while the rest stayed home and played with the new Wii. Seems Chris's dad beat both his sons in bowling...a rematch and bet was thrown down but never panned out.

The next day everyone prepared to leave. A few went to church and when we returned home we found out that Chris's mom had slipped on the ice in front of our house and they thought she broke her wrist. So we called Meritcare to see where to send her and off they went. My dad wants Chris to tear up the sidewalk and put heated wires in it but I'm not sure that will happen. Chris has been keeping salt on it to keep it clear, but Berna must have found the one spot he missed. Turned out she did break her wrist, and the bones overlapped when it broke but the doctors were able to set it without surgery. Thank GOD! They left yesterday.

My parents left Sunday after Chris called Kelsi and found out we were having a DI meeting at our house within 30 minutes of that call. Geez! Could we have more going on?

Yesterday I spent doing laundry, today nothing cause I have no energy. It is back to work tonight and tomorrow night then New Years Day off. Hopefully I can get teh rest of my blog ready for the new year by then.

Anyway that was our Christmas. Cheers to the New Year and what it will bring!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Always an adventure...

We took the kids to go see Santa this morning at the mall. We all had to be in the picture as Aaron didn't want to cooperate. I tried to take some pictures afterwards and this is what I got. Guess I will have to try some more tomorrow.






We had a wonderful dinner tonight and opened our presents. Aaron wanted nothing to do with opening presents so Ryan opened them for him. He did get one he loved. The Fisher Price Little People Airplane. Aaron now screams bloody murder whenever Ryan gets near it. *sigh*

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Merry Christmas everyone!

Never go to the grocery store on Christmas Eve!
Enough said!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday...BRRR it's cold out!

This morning we had Ryan's preschool church program. He was a mouse. He was not thrilled apparently about that...







Later with Candy cane in his mouth, things were a different story.

Also here is Meghan before her choir concert.


This afternoon we are taking the girls and their friends Lauren and Jaye to go see Miracle on 34th Street at the community theatre. The boys are going with Lhonda and Bob to Noelle's church program. Maybe she will sing better than Ryan.

We were planning on getting them all dressed up to go see Santa tonight and then drive around and see the lights, but with the windchill being as low as it is I think we will stay in and go on Christmas Eve in the morning. BRRRRR!

And Katie has finished the 2nd Harry Potter book and is on book 3! Yeah Katie!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

This idea comes from Half Past Kissin' Time. The idea is to wrap up the week with tidbits that a great to post but not enough for it's own post.

Meghan: She had her first concert last night for the school choir and folk dance groups. She did an awesome job and Chris said it was really good. Even though Katie didn't want to go, she enjoyed it. I need to watch the tape yet.

Ryan: I got his progress report today from preschool. What an amazingly smart boy we have. He knows his colors, shapes, counts to 11 plus 14, writes his name, dresses himself and plays cooperatively. This is what his teacher wrote about him: "Ryan is a pure joy to have in the fish group. He has an infectious smile that could light up any room. Ryan enjoys and participates in all of our KinderKamp activities. He is a good listener and great little helper. Ryan has made a good friend in Sarah." What a great thing to hear about Ryan!

Our furnace system rocks! We now have on wired thermostat and 3 wireless ones that keep our house nice and comfortable. We are thrilled.

We are finally getting busier in the dining room at work and that makes me very happy. Plus I received a tip this week that I wasn't expecting at all. Wahoo!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thousand Words Thursday!

Cheaper Than Therapy

Gross I know, but here it is. For more info on Thousand Words Thursday go to Cheaper Than Therapy


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just another day...

So this morning came early for last night was another late night at work. I wake up to Christmas music now because I just can't get in the mood this year for some reason. Might be the economy and the fact that the dining room at the club has yet to get really busy this December. This of course brings up worries of lack of $$. Can't blame me. My friend Tara and I are just DYING for a night where we get our asses kicked and have ten things to do at once when we run into the kitchen rather than just one or two. We are begging for tables. It's sad. And to top off the already dismal Christmas season, the club is going to be renovated in Feb and closing for 2.5 to 3 weeks. Not enough to get a new job, not enough to claim unemployment. Depressing...

Anyway back to this morning... I had to go to the dentist, never a top ten in my book, probably not even in the top 100. I have been known to say I would rather be in labor again then to go to the doctor. At least I get good drugs when I am in labor.

So Chris takes Aaron to Kids Kingdom, I go to the dentist and then go pick up my van from Chris at work. He had taken it in to get the AstroStart on my van fixed so that it runs 16 minutes instead of 4. What's the point of 4 minutes????? I have had the AstroStart for 2 years and every year I ask Chris to take it in and get it changed to 16 and every year the guy at the shop talks him out of it. *sigh*

But he got it taken care of and starts it for me when I am in his office. I leave 2 minutes later and the van is not running when I come down. I start it again with the AstroStart and it starts and then dies 30 seconds later. WTF! SO I start it again with the key and it dies. Try again thinking I don't know what and it starts. I call Chris and tell him this is not good!

So I go over to Target all the while thinking, the van just doesn't seem to be running right. It was kind of chuggy! Make it to Target, try the AstroStart again, same thing.

After Target I go to pick up Ryan and try to leave the van running and take my keys out, van dies. UGH! After picking Ryan up we go to Kids Kingdom to get Aaron - he has been a very good boy, no longer clingy when we drop him off - and get ready to drive away. Van dies twice. I call Chris again panicky that something is really wrong with the van and what will we do??? Money pops into my head again. He tells me he will stop by after lunch and take a look.

So I am driving home and the van is chugging again and I am praying just to make it to my driveway. Thankfully I did. I call Chris again to let him know and start making lunch for the boys. Where is Aaron???? Upstairs in my bathroom coloring on my compact with my eyeliner and smashing the rest of my eyeshadow into the counter. Oh and flushing the toilet. UGHHHH!!!

I get the boys lunch, and Aaron start screwing around in the sink. I finally cut his lunch short and put him to bed. Chris comes home and thinks maybe one of the boys reset our trip meter - we use this to gauge our gas since our gas gauge is broken - and we are out of gas. He goes and gets gas, then takes the van to fill it and it only takes 11 gallons. Not empty as we thought. Then it dawns on him, maybe it is the fuel filter. When was the last time we changed that???? Right after the SD trip over 2 years ago. I think we are supposed to change that every year. HMMMMM! The fact that we forgot isn't surprising, it's the fact that this is the third time the van has acted like this since 2000 and changing the fuel filter is always the solution. You think it would dawn on us quicker by the third time around.

Oh and Ryan didn't have a great day either. Apparently he got kicked in the pecker (his words mind you) at school by accident or maybe not by accident. And I just went in the kitchen and found the box with the rest of the pasta I made from lunch in the sink full of water and thus ruined. Thank you Aaron! Oh and there is a hole in my sock!

Merry Christmas! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twilight and Chris

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

Chris just started book four of the Twilight Series - Breaking Dawn - last night. I am so glad he likes them. I think it is surprising him how fast he is getting through them. They are easy reads though!
Wahoo! Go Chris!

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No School Tomorrow!

falling snowflakes Pictures, Images and Photos

Fargo Public Schools has already called us and there is no school tomorrow due to the blizzard we are experiencing. Ordinarily the kids would be thrilled but Meghan is missing her tour for folk dance and choir tomorrow as well as folk dance after school and Girl Scouts. Katie is missing her last dance class before Xmas vacation and poor Ryan who very much looks forward to school is missing jogging suit day at Pre-school. Oh well, them's the breaks!

On the plus side our new zoning system for our furnace is awesome! Now it just may be too hot in the house! Haha!

Happy Snow Day!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What goes missing...

ends up in my knitting bag. Earlier this week Aaron took the remote switch for our ceiling fan and light in our bedroom off the wall. It was one of those days where he was into everything. Well we looked and searched and the kids went through all the garbage cans and no switch.

Today I took my knitting bag out and there at the bottom was the switch. If you remember six months ago, my watch disappeared only to reappear 3 months later in my knitting bag. I think next time we will just start looking there. At least it didn't take us three months this time.

Oh Aaron!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thousand Words Thursday

This is my first Thousand Words Thursday. It is a chance to put up one of the many many photos stored on my computer and we all know I have a billion, one that is worth a thousand words. This idea comes from Mel at Fraase Family and I think it is an awesome idea. So here is my first one. It's called the Escape Artist.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm It...

I've been tagged by Mel from Fraase Family

The rules are to list 6 things that make me happy...

1. Watching my kids all get along

2. Doing something as a family...and we all get along

3. Reading a good book while curled up on the couch

4. Laughing with my husband

5. Finishing a project that turns out well

6. Giving of myself to others.

I am tagging Sabrina of Motherhood...and my Crazy Life

Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa's Village

On Friday I got to go with Ryan to Santa's Village with his preschool. I haven't been since the kids were little so this was a lot of fun.

We loaded the bus at 10 am and took the ride to Santa's Village. Once there we went to Santa's workshop and met with Mrs. Claus. The kids got to listen to a story and dance with Mrs. Claus. They also sang her a song too. Then it was off to see Santa. The kids all talked with Santa and got to yell out what they wanted for Xmas. Ryan yelled out in a loud voice that he wanted a Polar Bear Webkinz.

After we saw Santa we went to see the trains and to donate food to the food pantry. The kids all had a blast throwing their money on the train as well as writing letters to Santa that they got to mail on their way out the door. Then it was off to see the reindeer and they all wondered where Rudolph was. Back to the bus and off to school.

Here are some of the pics from the trip.

Ryan and his friend Sarah

Listening to a story

Dancing with Mrs. Claus

Singing a song for Mrs. Claus

Telling Santa what they want for Xmas

All the kids with Santa

Writing his letter. Chews on his tongue just like his mother when she concentrates.

Putting money on the train

Mailing their letters to Santa

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Very Busy Weekend

This past weekend seemed to fly by and here it is Wednesday already and I forgot to update our blog.

Thanksgiving was great, I went to work at 10:45 and was home by 4:15. I think we made some good money, we shall see when payday rolls around, but I think we faired well. All except for when I cracked my elbow on the window frame in the bar while trying to get by a table. It was the size of a goose egg by the time I got home and took about 2 hours after taking some drugs for me to be able to move it a bit. Thankfully by the next day if felt much better. Being Black Friday and all, I had shopping to do.

Dinner was great, Hornbacher's did an awesome job of cooking our feast. We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Friday I went to Joann Fabrics at 6. Next year I know to grab a number to get my fabric cut as soon as I walk in the store. I did wait an hour to get my fleece cut, but at $2.99 a yd, it was worth it. I am going to make those fleece blankets to donate to Project Linus this year. After that I went over to Gymboree to get clothes for the boys for next year. They offer 30% of the store till noon. I also had a 20% off coupon and then another 5% off with my Visa. If I buy sale items only, I make a killing on clothes for the next year. Then I went to Gap for some sweaters for me and was home by 10. Chris did go out to Best Buy to get new phones for the house and then take the older three to Madascar 2. They loved it.

Saturday night we went to the wedding of my friend Nikki. I met Nikki through the Country Club and she has helped me out a lot over the last couple of years. Watching my kids, and just being a great friend. The girls and I left early for the wedding while Chris waited for the babysitter to show up. At the last minute Ryan decided he wanted to come too, so we got him all spiffed up and he was thrilled to come. The wedding was great and Nikki looked beautiful. The reception was held at the Radisson. They had a photo booth for people to use. You got a copy of your pictures and then another to make a scrapbook page for the bride and groom. If they would have had that when I got married, I totally would have done that. It was really cool. We stayed till about 10:30 when Ryan petered out. He did have a great time though. Loved the punch and the meatballs and laughing at my friends. He was dying to dance but then he got surrounded by the bridesmaids and the bride and just stood there scared. The girls had fun dancing too.

Nikki and Blake Heinz
Coming into the reception
Nikki and Ryan
Most of our family

The girls dancing. For some reason Meghan has NO rhythm

Sunday I had a going away party to attend. My friend Drew who has worked at the Country Club for about 4-5 years now is leaving the end of December to go to Grand Forks for a masters program in nursing. We are very excited for him and wanted to have a party before he left. So we gathered at Tailgators for some drinks and fun. Judee and Kyle decoupaged a old tray for him with photos provided from me and then we all signed it. I also gave him some Almond M&M's, his and my favorite and some Fiber One poptarts that he still hasn't convinced me to try. We will miss him but we are happy for his new venture.
Drew's tray

Drew opening his presents
Drew and his M&M's
Judee and Kyle

Jason, Tara and Aaron
Johnny D - this man could make shoe leather taste good!

That's about it I guess. Xmas cards are almost ready to go out. As soon as Chris finishes printing my letter. He is always the delay in my life. The girls will be shopping at the Holiday Shop at school soon and they are excited for that. Anyway... another day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The furnace is here!!!!

Today my new furnace is being installed! Yeah! We have a furnace mind you, but it is very old and we wanted to upgrade since our bathroom currently sits at about 59 degrees. Sorry I like the cold, but not that cold! SO we are getting a new system put in and they plan on balancing the whole house in hopes that the rooms upstairs will stay warmer. Of course it won't be perfect, no heating system is, but in will improve things greatly! Yeah!