Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah 2010 has finally arrived! I am sooooo glad to be done with 2009. It wasn't an entirely BAD year, but it definitely wasn't a stellar year. There were ups for every down.

Down: The Club closing for rennovation
Up: I was able to file for unemployment - a good thing since as a server this wouldn't have been the case at any other restaurant
Down: The Red River flooding - Lots of downsides to this - Cancellation of the State DI tournament, Continued unemployment, Kids missing school
Up: Girls got to travel to Global Finals in TN for DI, I got to continue filing for unemployment and the governor pardoned all school days missed due to the flood
Down: My aunts diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
Up: I finally got to meet my cousin after 34 years spending time with her and my aunt, as well as my parents and the rest of my aunts and uncles from my dad's side of the family
Down: Losing my friend Pam after a courageous 3 1/2 yr battle with Ovarian Cancer
Up: She is at peace and my memories of her, never forgotten.

But moving on to 2010! We are looking forward to a very busy year. Who know what it will bring. Already we have had an interesting start. Aaron was deemed the meanest boy in the house and then fell shortly afterward on his knee. We discovered he fell on a toothpick downstairs - leftover from a DI challenge and the tip broke off and embedded in his knee. After 15 minutes of him screaming and me holding him hostage, Chris was finally able to pull it out. It was almost a half an inch long!!! 15 minutes later he passed out from exhaustion. Happy New Year to us!~ HAHAHAHAHA!

What will tomorrow bring....

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