Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So the boys went downstairs to play this morning around 9...they were quiet so I let them. Around 11 Am I started to wonder what they were up too... but didn't want to disturb them because they were being quiet and nice.

So I went downstairs not to long ago to find pop cans all over the floor in the furnace room where we keep the freezer and extra fridge...Two 12 packs stacked up and a paint can. Seems then little ingenious shits decided to make a tower, climb, get the freezer key and get into the freezer. OK fine... so they stole a Freezie Pop.

Upon further investigation I found a total of 32 Freezie Pop wrappers in the garbage can. I have never laughed so hard in my life... I called Chris and asked him how many he moved the other night from the fridge freezer to the locked freezer. He said about 40. Which coincided with the 7 Freezie Pops I found left over.

Ryan says "well I left SOME!" Nice!

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