Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And so it begins....

And so it begins...the month from hell. OK just kidding. I love this time of year but at the same time I HATE this time of year. Hate? WHy? because starting today I will be working 20 shifts in the next 23 days, all while praying that the money I make this month will make up for the lack of money I made this year. It has been a sad year for all I know in terms of the economy, and that means the country club was hit as well. Yet surprisingly the club got new wine glasses and dishes this year, and no one got raises. Something to ponder later I guess. hahaha!

But onto why I love this season...The house looks beautiful, the kids are excited, the shopping is done and it caps off the year. I am forturnate enough this year to make Meghan's folk dance, handchimes and choir concert this year. They scheduled it on a Monday this year. The one day I don't work. hahaha! I get to go with Ryan to Santa's Village again with his preschool. FUN! Chris takes extra vacation days so we can be home together and the family is all coming at the end of the month.

I am hoping for a wonderful Holiday season this year. The year has not had many bright spots and we are definitely in need of one soon. What better than Christmas and Jesus's birth.

So Happy Holidays everyone and here's to a fabulous 2010!


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